Changing Room Washroom Refurbishment

Lan Services has successfully completed countless changing room refurbishment and design projects in both wet and dry environments, such as Leisure & Sports centres and Corporate & Executive areas. Our changing room refurbishment projects include things like the supply, design and installation of changing room cubicles, lockers, benches, vanity units and more. You can learn more about our various Changing Room refurbishment projects here.

Disabled Toilet Washroom Refurbishment

Our specialist project management and design team can assist with the complete refurbishment of existing disabled facilities, or they can undertake the conversion of non-accessible rooms into compliant disabled toilet and shower rooms-  in a wide variety of different washroom settings and locales. Learn more about our Disabled Toilet & washroom refurbishment projects here.

Energy & Water Saving Washroom Refurbishment

At Lan Services, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in water and energy saving initiatives- focused on the commercial washroom sector. Energy savings in a modern washroom can reduce an organisation’s electricity costs, and these measures can be taken in practically any commercial washroom environment. Learn more about our Energy Saving & washroom refurbishment projects here.

Shower Room Washroom Refurbishment

Lan Services can assist clients with the complete design and refurbishment of shower rooms and shower cubicles in all commercial environments. We have successfully carried out such work in offices, hospitals, leisure centres and schools. Learn more about our Shower Room refurbishment projects here.

Vandal Resistant Washroom Refurbishment

Lan Services provides a complete commercial washroom design and refurbishment service to locations requiring particular vandal proof or anti ligature fixtures and fittings, in environments such as police stations, prisons, detention centers, rehab clinics, hospitals, school toilets, factories, train stations and public toilets. Learn more about our Vandal Resistant refurbishment projects here.