School Dormitory in Berkshire

We have developed a great working relationship with LVS Ascot, a private school located not far from the famous racecourse.

This particular washroom refurbishment project incorporated two phases. The first was the redevelopment of staff washrooms into something, brighter, fresher and easier to clean. The second phase of the project was a shower room refurbishment with design and specification of the shower and bathing areas.

Renovation works took place over the school summer holidays to cause as little disruption as possible. Following a site visit, we came up with a specification that worked for LVS Ascot and a design that incorporated all of the client’s needs and requirements.

In the staff toilets, a duct system was put in place to carry all of the pipework, services and cisterns. This made the washroom look much smarter, but also made them easy to clean as surface areas are reduced.

Sensor activation was installed throughout the washrooms from toilet and urinal flushers through to taps and hand dryers. This significantly improves the usability of the washroom as visitors never need to physically touch any of the fixtures, which also improves hygiene and results in easy-clean functionality.

The rooms were clad in Altro Whiterock, a durable, easy to clean material that can be thermoformed around corners so that join lines are diminished. Join lines are where bacteria can build up and in corners, where it is notoriously difficult to sanitise and clean, this can sometimes be a problem. The client wanted to include a coloured feature wall in both the washrooms and in the dormitory shower rooms refurb, which we were able to do accurately, and easily with this particular material.

The flooring in the staff washrooms was a luxury durable vinyl tile that carried a stone floor effect as well as anti slip properties for increased safety.

We built vanity units with solid grade laminate carcasses and semi-recessed ceramic square basins, which give a brilliant spa-like atmosphere to the rooms.

The dormitory shower rooms were fitted with similar materials including the super hygienic Altro Whiterock wall cladding as well as a specialist floor covering, also from Altro, called Pisces. This particular floor covering has anti slip properties that work with both bare feet and shoes. LVS Ascot wanted these rooms to carry a very modern, bright and refreshing atmosphere and so items like chrome exposed pipework and a coloured feature wall were also included in this space too.

By working closely with the client to define what the school faculty and pupils needed from the shower room refurbishment we were able to produce a specification, design, and eventual project plan that met every need. It also serves as an example of how school washrooms and shower rooms can incorporate colour, modern design and cutting edge materials to produce something easy to clean, functional and aesthetically pleasing all at once.

Project Details

Client:LVS Ascot
Specialities:Shower Rooms

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