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We have designed and refurbished a variety of commercial bathrooms, office toilets, commercial shower rooms, and changing rooms for businesses that own offices, factories, warehouses, and public toilets. Improved washroom facilities means a happier and more productive workforce, helping to gain greater respect from staff and visitors alike.

Image and presentation is important in business and we know how well-presented commercial washrooms facilities and interiors are vital in achieving this.

Our office toilets design and commercial toilet refurbishment projects form a key area of our business and as such is a sector of particular expertise.

Our extensive experience in the commercial washrooms sector means we can offer specialist advice on the various toilet and cubicle products, colours and finishes on offer; helping you make the most of your budget and achieve the look you are aiming for.

Our commercial toilet cubicles supply and installation service forms part of any full washroom refurbishment project and is also offered as a stand alone service.

Many of our commercial toilet refurbishment projects also include the installation of specialist washroom facilities such as disabled toilets and showers as well as those requiring anti vandal washroom products and materials.

Our Office Toilet Refurbishment Process

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Initial consultation

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Site Visit & Survey

We come to visit your school to understand the extent of the work.

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Design Specification

We provide you with a quote and start drawing up designs.

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We provide a full supply and fit service to complete your school washroom.

Commercial Toilet Refurbishment For Offices

It can be daunting when planning washroom refurbishment, and as with any business decision, sensible steps need to be taken to deliver a commercial wash space that has the most enduring lifespan and gets the most from your budget.

Working in this environment for so many years means we know these steps inside and out. We’ve handled the successful design and installation of every kind of commercial washroom specification and know exactly where customisation, adjustments and amendments can be made.

Whether you’re looking to make sure your new office washroom has the most efficient easy clean features, embraces up to date eco efficiency options, or strikes that harmonious balance between rugged durability and eye-catching design, we’re able to guide you through your commercial toilet refurbishment options.

We understand that your business is unique and consideration needs to be given to the usability, flow and feel of your finished washroom in all toilet refurbishment projects.

Our optional 3D design service allows you to visually experience your washroom, allowing you see how the colours and finishes selected harmonise and to add or remove elements as necessary, before we install anything and works even take place.

So whether you’re looking to refurbish washrooms on the factory floor, or those in your city center offices, we can ensure your washroom leaves both employees and visitors with a professional impression of your business.


We supply a range of different styles of flush toilet that are perfect for office washrooms, with a variety of designs and options to choose from for your commercial toilet refurbishment.

Toilet Cubicles

We have a variety of office toilet cubicles for sale, made from different materials, with different styles, to suit a range of office washroom environments.


We offer a wide range of office urinals as well as flush toilets, including standalone urinals or urinal troughs, whichever suits your washroom best.

Hand Washing

Choose from a wide variety of hand basins, wash troughs and sinks to ensure good hygiene is practiced in your office space.

Disabled Toilets

Disabled toilets are a governmental requirement for all office washrooms, so we have Doc M packs which meet these regulations- ensuring your office is fitted out with the right disabled toilet facilities as part of our commercial toilet refurbishment.

Office Washroom Accessories

Soap dispensers and hand dryers are just some of the varying washroom accessories we offer as part of our commercial toilet refurbishment process.

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Office Toilet Regulations

Relevant legislation for the number of toilets in the workplace

When conducting commercial toilet refurbishments, the relevant legislation for the number of toilets in the workplace states that:

  • Suitable and sufficient sanitary conveniences should be provided at readily accessible places.
  • The washrooms containing them should be adequately ventilated and lit;
  • They and the washrooms containing them should be kept in a clean and orderly condition;
  • Separate rooms containing conveniences should be provided for men and women.

How Many Toilets Should An Office Have?

The Health & Safety Executive doesn’t give an exact number for the number of toilets per person in an office washroom environment- but it does provide a minimum amount that needs to be provided for mens and womens toilets; to be kept in mind during all commercial toilet refurbishment projects.

The Number Of Toilets And Washbasins Required For Women’s Washrooms:

  • 1-5 people in the office; one toilet and one washbasin
  • 6-25 people in the office; two toilets and two washbasins
  • 26-50 people in the office; three toilets and three washbasins
  • 51-75 people in the office; four toilets and four washbasins
  • 76-100 people in the office; five toilets and five washbasins

The Number Of Toilets And Urinals Required For Men’s Washrooms:

  • 1-15 people in the office; one toilet and one urinal
  • 16-30 people in the office; two toilets and two urinals
  • 31-45 people in the office; two toilets and two urinals
  • 46-60 people in the office; three toilets and three urinals
  • 61-75 people in the office; three toilets and three urinals
  • 76-90 people in the office; four toilets and four urinals
  • 91-100 people in the office; four toilets and four urinals

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