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Showers are an essential element of all gyms, whether they’re in the changing rooms of your local leisure centre or within school PE changing facilities. So ensuring professionally designed, installed and maintained showers and ensure the correct hygiene standards are adhered to.

Here at Lan Services, we have been designing and installing commercial washrooms for over 20 years. All our tradesmen and installers have extensive knowledge on the design, supply and fit of a wide range of showers including the popular electric shower to the modern mixer shower.

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers and installers of showers and shower cubicles, we aim to remove any concerns over room sizes, deliveries and logistics.

Our shower cubicle range includes all of the necessary partition panels, doors and hardware components for easy installation. Available in over 50 colours, plus high-quality, premium finishes, including printed graphics and patterns – there is a design for every washroom and every budget.

Our extensive range of showers means we have a suitable solution for the likes of leisure centres and schools as well as facilities with specific needs, such as disability use or anti-vandal environments.

From our offices in Dorset and London, our coverage extends throughout the South of the UK. So, whatever your showering needs – we’re confident we’re able to help! Get in touch today.

Our Gym Shower Installation Process

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Site Visit & Survey

We come to visit your school to understand the extent of the work.

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Design Specification

We provide you with a quote and start drawing up designs.

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We provide a full supply and fit service to complete your school washroom.

Our commercial shower range includes electric showers, shower panels and shower mixing valves for use in any environment. All of our showers are designed for the commercial environment and offer huge benefits, including anti-vandal, thermostatic control, and water-saving features

Electric showers offer a convenient way to get hot water for showering in an area where either no supply exists or there is insufficient capacity. Our range of electric showers connects directly to the mains to ensure long-term reliability and operation.

Shower Panels remove any concern and difficulty with recessing pipework and shower controls into walls, meaning both time and costs can be saved. Our shower panels can feature timed-flow push buttons, integral thermostatic mixing valves, infra-red sensors, anti-vandal casings and anti-ligature showerheads.

Our range of shower valves feature of push button, lever or sensor operated control designed for use with our selection of commercial showerheads. shower valves are designed for use in modern commercial shower environments and provide vandal resistant and water economy benefits.

We don’t just know our showers, we are also one of the UK’s leading suppliers of commercial shower cubicles, lockers and changing room benches. All are designed with water resistance, durability and aesthetic appeal in mind

Typically, a changing room can be a humid environment, housing showers and saunas so it is important that all materials and hardware can withstand these atmospheres. Getting this right ensures that investment in your changing facilities is worthwhile – and we’re here to help you get it right first time!

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Gym Shower Faqs

How To Install A Shower

As you may have noticed when shopping for a new or replacement shower, there are all sorts of types, from the common electric shower to modern mixer showers. With these come different requirements for installation. The following steps give you a guide to installing an electric shower and achieving that professional finish.

Step One: Pipework – Before you get to installing your shower unit, you need to fit the pipework and electricity supply.
Step Two: Mark out and drill your fixing holes – Hold the shower unit in position and mark the fixing holes with a pencil. Drill holes at the marked positions. Fit some wall plugs, and squeeze a little sealant onto each one.
Step Three: Feed the pipe and electric cable through the shower backplate, then screw it to the wall using the screws supplied.
Step Four: Fix the cable to the unit by connecting its live and neutral cores to the terminals marked ‘load’, and its earth core to the earth terminal.
Step Five: Fit the cover according to the manufacturer’s instructions, ensuring that the rubber seal is in place.
Step Six: Fit your rail, making sure you put it high enough so your shower head doesn’t dangle less than 25mm from the spill-over level of your shower tray, otherwise, dirty water might siphon back into your clean water supply.
Step Seven: Screw one end of the hose to the handset, making sure you include any washers supplied. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to check everything is working correctly before finally screwing the other end to your shower unit.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Shower?

The average cost of shower installation will then depend on the particulars of your project. Please contact us with details of your project for an exact price.

How High Should A Shower Head Be Installed?

The standard shower head height should be 80 inches above the floor, however, the choice of your shower height is based on your needs and space in the washroom.

Handheld showerheads attached to a riser rail can allow for an individual to adjust the height of the shower to suit them, however, this system is more likely to get damaged or vandalised in high traffic areas.

How Long Does It Take To Install A Shower?

To clean and descale the shower heads in your washrooms, the most common method is to use white vinegar. Simply unscrew the showerhead (larger shower heads may have a quick-release mechanism instead) and leave them submerged in white vinegar. The acidic properties of white vinegar will clear away limescale, leaving your shower head good as new.

How Does A Thermostatic Shower Valve Work?

Thermostatic shower valves mix together hot and cold water to a temperature that you have selected and can change the temperature or pressure of the water in an instant by making adjustments to the amount of hot and cold water which is allowed to flow through.

A thermostatic shower valve is beneficial because it prevents scalding so is safer, particularly for children, elderly and disabled users.

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Lan Services are able to carry out washroom refurbishment projects across the majority of the South of England. With installation teams positioned in both London and Dorset, we are able to take project enquiries from across the regions. Contact us today!

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