Metroline High Volume Project


Metroline is a busy bus service operator based in north London and in 2015 we entered into an ongoing project to install new washrooms at many of their sites across the city starting with their location in Hayes.

During the design and specification stage of the Metroline washroom installation contract, we had to consider the fact that the design chosen would have to be installed within many washrooms of varying sizes and layouts. The client also made clear that due to the large volume of people passing through these facilities each day, the specification called for a highly durable washroom. The washroom should also be easy to clean and maintain too.

The project began by producing a full 3D washroom design model of the proposed design. The 3D designs allow us to iron out all the finer details with the client, ensuring we met their brief, and prior to starting the washroom installation the client will get a good feel for how the finished project will look.


Lan Services installed stainless steel toilet pans from Franke which are designed to not require toilet seats. Toilet seats (and their brackets) are often a particular weakness. In high traffic washroom environments, these are usually the first items to be reported broken.

We also installed stainless steel urinal troughs and vanity tops with integral moulded basins. Again both also manufactured by Franke who are Europe’s largest stainless steel equipment manufacturer.

Stainless steel ironmongery was used throughout the project including all cubicle fittings. Stainless steel was chosen for the washroom sanitary ware, and fixtures and fittings as it is extremely hardwearing and easy to clean,

Solid grade laminate cubicles and wall panels were specified by the washroom design, these are impervious to water and as such are also highly durable.


To improve hygiene and usability, DVS sensor flush kits were used with the toilets. Whilst DVS Aquarius sensor taps were installed at the basins. These no-touch items negate any mechanical or physical interaction by the user (such as pulling a lever or pressing a button). This means users never need to touch the toilet or taps and reduces the spread of bacteria significantly.

Easy clean porcelain flooring was laid to withstand the footfall of their daily users and hygienic Altro Whiterock cladding was fitted to the walls. With no grout lines, wall cladding removes the concern over bacteria and dirt sitting in the grooves of tiles. Air extraction was also installed in the washrooms, which helps to keep the facilities smelling fresh.


The DVS sensor taps also provide a level of water and energy saving on top of their hygiene credentials. This is achieved by the internal software restricting the run time of the water according to pre-set time limits for each use.

Energy saving Biodryer Lite hand dryers have been installed, these have no heating element, but recycle the heat from the motor, using much less electricity compared to conventional warm air dryers.

Finally, LED lighting was set up on a PIR system, meaning that the lights are switched on for a set period of time once movement is detected in the room, further increasing energy savings for the client Metroline, as the lights will now not be on during periods of inactivity.

Lan Services are currently moving forward with the Metroline washroom installation project, refurbishing more of their washroom facilities at their sites across north London.

Project Details

Client:Metroline High
Sectors:Office & Commercial
Specialities:Vandal Resistant

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