Commercial Toilet Cubicles

Our commercial toilet cubicle ranges are designed and manufactured with every commercial washroom use and environment in mind, including adaptation for use as changing cubicles and shower cubicles. Available in over 50 colours, plus high-quality, premium finishes, including printed graphics and patterns- in our range of cubicle products there is a design for every washroom and every budget.

Choose from our “off the shelf” contractor range available for rapid delivery or upgrade to a solid grade laminate full height commercial toilet cubicle system for increased privacy, or any other toilet cubicle range in between.

As specialists in the supply and installation of commercial toilet cubicles we aim to remove any concerns over room sizes, deliveries and logistics. Regardless of your room layout with our washroom design experience we can create the right commercial toilet cubicle configuration and solution for you.

You can rest assured that your final choice of commercial toilet cubicle system, style, paneling and colour is the only thing you need worry about and we will be happy to assist you throughout the initial stages of your washroom refurbishment, utilising our usual washroom design services.

So, whether you’re looking for us to include installation of toilet cubicles as part of a full turn-key washroom refurbishment project, or as a standalone supply and installation package, our range of commercial toilet cubicle fitting coverage extends across the South of the UK through our teams based in Dorset, London and Bristol.

We welcome your call to discuss your own project, and to assist you initially with your washroom’s specification and design. We want to help you find the best commercial toilet cubicle design for your washroom.

Commercial Toilet Cubicles

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Our Commercial Toilet Cubicle Refurbishment Process

Consultation1 – Initial consultation

Contact us today to discuss your specific commercial toilet refurbishment needs

Consultation3 – Quote & Design Specification

We provide you with a quote and start drawing up commercial toilet cubicle designs

Site Survey and Visit2 – Site visit and survey

We come to visit your place of work to understand the extent of the work

Site Survey and Visit4 – Installation

We provide a full supply and fit service to complete your workplace’s washroom

Our Commercial Toilet Cubicle Products

Commercial Toilet Cubicles

Our range of commercial toilet cubicles are suitable for a wide variety of commercial environments; from retail and executive areas, to offices and entertainment venues.

Floor to Ceiling Toilet Cubicles

Floor to ceiling toilet cubicles are a great way to add a more stylish and executive design to your washroom environment.

Children’s Toilet Cubicles

Our range of children’s toilet cubicles is suited perfectly to every age range of school toilets, from primary schools to secondary schools.

Commercial Toilet Cubicle Fittings

A big part of our commercial toilet cubicle refurbishment projects is the little details we add with toilet cubicle fittings, such as installing coat hooks on the back of cubicle doors, and replacing hinges and cubicle locks for a better design.

Changing Cubicles

As part of our refurbishment service, we can adapt your current commercial toilet cubicles into changing cubicles, should your new washroom design require it. 

Shower Cubicles

We can also adapt your current commercial toilet cubicles into shower cubicles; with the same high-quality materials and expertise put into these new designs.

Commercial Toilet Cubicles FAQs

How wide is a Toilet Cubicle?

Generally, all standard commercial toilet cubicles will have a 450mm diameter of manoeuvring space inside the cubicle itself.  The recommended internal width of the cubicle is around 800mm wide, and the recommended internal cubicle depth is 1500mm deep.  Commercial toilet cubicle doors have an average opening width of around 600mm; doors are also usually inward opening to conserve space. 

What are Toilet Cubicles made of?

Commercial toilet cubicles can be constructed from a variety of different materials, depending on things like location (for example, wet or humid environments would require water-resistant materials), usage and budget. Commercial toilet cubicle panels/walls are typically made from one of three panelling materials: Solid Grade Laminate (SGL), High Pressure Laminate (HPL), or Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC).

SGL is durable, easy to wipe clean and water resistant, making it ideal for wet and humid environments like gym changing rooms, and places that prioritise hygiene, like hospitals. HPL is scratch-resistant and versatile, and popular in washroom cubicles with high traffic. MFC is a more economic, low budget option for commercial toilet cubicles in lower traffic washrooms.