Leisure Centres / Sport Clubs Washroom Refurbishment

The modern changing room, locker room and shower facilities must be highly durable and easy to maintain. They should at the same time achieve the quality look and presentation that members and visitors expect.

Lan Services has successfully completed a number of changing room design and refurbishment projects in both wet and dry environments for Leisure Centres, Sports Clubs, Gyms, Swimming Pools and Schools.

These projects frequently have additional specialist washroom requirements including the installation of disabled toilets, the need for energy and water saving, and also anti vandal washroom products.

Changing rooms can be congested and hazardous environments, prone to significant wear and tear, with careful planning and the correct choice of materials, they can benefit from excellent usability, maintenance can be reduced and accidents averted.

Our specialist experience in washroom and changing room refurbishment means out staff are able to advise on the best products, materials, and finishes for all aspects of the project.

Whether you are in need of advice on the design and layout of the rooms, or guidance on regulations, requirements or materials to use; Lan Services is on hand to help.

Today, there is an abundant ocean of various taps, showers, toilet and basin options to choose from, all with their respective pros and cons. We can guide you through the options most ideally suited to your specific facility. This could be the inclusion of sensor activation on lights, flushes, taps and showers, or perhaps facing the issue of caretaker storage.

Every leisure and sporting washroom is unique and will pose its own individual needs. Whether working to restrictive dimensions, or adapting to the various usability needs of your centers visitors, we are able to provide you with complete service, covering everything from 3D design and layout options, through to supply and installation.

So whether you’re planning the refurbishment of an exclusive golf club changing room, or looking to make sure your new leisure centre washroom has the most economically efficient, easy-clean functionality, we can guide you through the steps necessary to get you there.

Leisure Centre Washroom Refurbishment

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