Vandal Proof & Public Toilets Refurbishment

The refurbishment of commercial washrooms and public toilets to a vandal proof standard requires a particular level of expertise and specialist knowledge within the commercial washrooms sector.

Integrating vandal proof toilets, toilet cubicles and other vandal resistant washroom materials needs to happen as part of a full washroom design process, prior to the actual refurbishment.

Lan Services provides a complete commercial washroom design and refurbishment service to locations requiring particular vandal proof or anti ligature fixtures and fittings.

Examples of such environments include Police stations, prisons, detention centers, rehab clinics, Hospitals, School Toilets, factories, train stations and public toilets.

Products and materials specially designed for the toughest environments ensure the washroom is not only robust and impact resistant, but also protect users with their anti-ligature and anti-shatter capabilities. Other design features may include fire resistant  materials and lockable plumbing access.

The modern anti-vandal washroom is made for the toughest environments, but designed to look clean and inviting.

Being both durable and low maintenance are the two hallmarks of a well-designed vandal resistant washroom.

The fittings should be strong enough to stand up to the abuse received by today’s unattended public washrooms, while still being easy to clean and look after. Low maintenance is key for public toilets and washrooms.

At Lan Services we have extensive experience of striking this harmonious balance, anywhere from motorway service station toilets, to public facilities in busy town centres.

Vandal resistant washrooms don’t all have to be stainless steel. If you are looking to install a highly durable washroom, but need to retain a certain level of comfort with contemporary design, we can advise on options that tick both boxes.

Public washrooms are often the most vulnerable to abuse and vandalism, but must regardless of treatment be available for those members of the public whom require them most.

For longevity, and protection against accidental and deliberate damage, or just simple premature wear and tear in high use washrooms vandal resistant features are a common and sensible choice for many environments.

Vandal Proof & Public Toilets Refurbishment

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