Vandal Proof & Public Toilets Refurbishment

The refurbishment of public washrooms and public toilets to a vandal proof standard requires a particular level of expertise and specialist knowledge of these facilities within the commercial washrooms sector.

Integrating vandal proof toilets, toilet cubicles and other vandal resistant washroom materials needs to happen as part of a full public washrooms design process, prior to the actual refurbishment.

Lan Services provides a complete public commercial washrooms design and public toilet refurbishment service to locations and facilities requiring particular vandal proof or anti ligature fixtures and fittings.

Examples of such environments that require vandal proof toilets include Police stations, prisons, detention centers, rehab clinics, Hospitals, School Toilets, factories, train stations and public toilets.

Products and materials specially designed for the toughest environments, such as our vandal proof public toilets ensure the washroom or bathroom is not only robust and impact resistant, but also protects users with their anti-ligature and anti-shatter capabilities. Other design features of these public washrooms may include fire resistant  materials and lockable plumbing access.

The modern anti-vandal washroom is made for the toughest environments, but designed to look clean and inviting.

Being both durable and low maintenance are the two hallmarks of a well-designed vandal resistant washroom, as well as being the two main aims of our public toilet refurbishment service.

The fittings to make a vandal resistant public toilet should be strong enough to stand up to the abuse received by today’s unattended public washrooms, while still being easy to clean and look after. Low maintenance is key for public toilets and washrooms, and incorporating our vandal proof toilets into this service achieves this.

At Lan Services we have extensive experience of striking this harmonious balance in our public toilet refurbishment projects, in anywhere from motorway service station toilets, to public facilities in busy town centres.

Vandal resistant toilets in public washrooms don’t all have to be stainless steel. If you are looking to install a highly durable washroom, but need to retain a certain level of comfort with contemporary design, we can advise on vandal resistant toilets and accessory options that tick both boxes.

Public washrooms and bathrooms are often the most vulnerable to abuse and vandalism, but must regardless of treatment be available for those members of the public who require them most.

For longevity, and protection against accidental and deliberate damage, or just simple premature wear and tear in high use public washrooms, vandal resistant toilets and features are a common and sensible choice for many environments, and a fixture in our public toilet refurbishment service.


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Vandal Proof Toilets

We supply a range of different styles of vandal proof toilets that are perfect for public washrooms, with a variety of highly-durable styles and designs to choose from for your public toilet refurbishment.

Vandal Proof Urinals

For mens public washrooms, we supply a range of vandal proof urinals as part of our public toilet refurbishment service, that are designed to have a high-degree of resistance, and perfect for more vulnerable areas like public washrooms.

Vandal Proof Basins

We also supply a range of vandal proof basins to accompany our vandal proof toilets that are perfect for public washrooms, offering many finishes and aesthetics depending on the look required for your public toilet refurbishment.

Toilet Cubicles

We have a variety of toilet cubicles for sale that are designed perfectly for public washrooms, made from different vandal resistant materials with different styles, to suit any public toilet refurbishment project.

Hand Washing Stations

Hand washing stations are a convenient solution for public washrooms, offering washbasins, taps and soap dispensers in one tidy unit. Our hand washing stations promote good hygiene and health, and come in vandal resistant materials such as stainless steel, making them perfect for public washrooms.

Hand Dryers

Hand dryers are another must-have product for public washrooms looking to maintain good standards of hygiene and health, while also maintaining a more modern aesthetic, with dryer designs like our blade hand dryers.


How many toilets per person in a public building?

Specific requirements for the number of toilets needed per person in a public washroom are usually outlined in the building regulations. But as a general rule or indication, the number of toilets needed in a public washroom will be:

  • One toilet for up to five people
  • Two toilets for up to twenty five people
  • Three toilets for up to fifty people

Vandal Proof & Public Toilets Refurbishment

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