Locker units with the doors open.

From changing rooms to workplaces, lockers instil confidence and maintain cleanliness in even the most left field environments.

Lockers are a timeless piece of the changing room suite and are put to work everywhere from school corridors to golf club changing rooms. However, lockers are often one of the most overlooked items in a refurbishment, but actually provide some of the biggest impacts to usability.

Top considerations for changing rooms

Obviously, the most common home of the locker is the gym or leisure centre changing room. In these environments, you need substantial, hard-wearing lockers that deliver durability. These lockers need secure locks so that users can store their valuables safely, and are likely only to be used in one to two hour windows at a time. Smells are unlikely to build up in these lockers and cleaning is going to be relatively easy to keep on top of. The biggest risk to your lockers here is vandalism and misuse. We provide lockers with a sloped top section, so people can’t climb on them, or leave wet towels or damp belongings up there.

Top considerations for private members clubs

Golf clubs tend to want a more luxe and upmarket finish to their lockers, which are usually half or full height. Members are usually assigned a permanent locker and may also want additional fixtures inside such as a shelf, hanging rail or mirror. Because members are allocated lockers, the locking mechanisms are usually simple key operation, with the key being retained by the user. This means a responsibility of cleanliness and hygiene being put on the user, and scheduled times for routine deep cleans by staff.

It should also be pointed out that in private members clubs changing benches are usually built to a custom specification to aid changing and maintain a more bespoke finish. They can be integrated with the lockers in this setting so that a changing bench sits beneath the half height lockers, delivering a high level finish throughout.

Top considerations for staff rooms

From manufacturing plants and warehouses to retail and restaurants, staff lockers are important to deliver security and safety for staff belongings, but also help keep staff rooms tidy and clean. Make sure you deliver adequate space for your staff. In retail, the locker may only need to be big enough for a few items and a bag. However, in factories or manufacturing plants, you may need to consider a larger locker so staff can store a full change of clothes, overalls and personal wash kits.

A case for lockers in the office

With more and more offices providing showers and changing facilities for staff who want to cycle to work, or may visit gyms in their lunch hour, the provision of lockers is imperative. It mitigates the likelihood of cycling gear being draped over the back of chairs, stored in inappropriate places and generally helps to maintain tidiness and order in the professional workspace.

If you would like further advice on locker options, or to discuss how they might be integrated stylishly into your refurbishment, please get in touch with one of the team today on 01202 650901