Interior of a black and white office.

Many forward thinking businesses are choosing to breathe new life into their office washrooms. Here’s why…

If your corporate washrooms need freshening up, now could be the time to reap the practical rewards of a more modern approach on the humble toilet. Traditionally, this is a space that gets a very little attention to detail when it comes to installation and design. A space devoid of colour and a room many choose to avoid. However, through better planning, contemporary design, and the implementation of modern technology, wash spaces in the workplace are not only bright, fresh and inviting, but seeing staff healthier, happier and more motivated.

Shower Enclosures

If you give showering facilities to your employees, you make the option to cycle to work more available. A space to freshen up properly before beginning the work day means staff can workout or run during their lunch break too. Provisions for employees to exercise can significantly improve productivity and morale, while cycling to work can cut down on carbon emissions and the need for excess company car parking spaces.

Showering facilities can be installed into the same space as a toilet cubicle and in many instances, organisations have utilised disused office space to create a new changing and shower room.

Injecting colour into the equation

Office washrooms no longer need to be a cold, drab affair. From coloured Altro Whiterock sheets and solid grade laminate panels, it’s now easier than ever to bring your corporate colours into the wash space. Commercial grade vinyl wraps are also being used abundantly to bring imagery, logos and branding into the washroom, as well as typeface and emblems being cut into vinyl safety flooring. Whether you’re looking for a clean stylish washroom design, or something that has personality and character, your washroom can set a tone and atmosphere that creates continuation from your lobby, meeting rooms and communal spaces – a trait that leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

Improving hygiene, safety & usability

Bringing in sensor activation has a huge impact on the hygiene in your washroom. With sensor flushes on the toilets and urinals, as well as sensor taps and hand dryers, the touch points in your washroom are reduced significantly. Add to that PIR sensor activated lighting and the spread of bacteria is reduced even further while simultaneously making your washroom easier to clean. With reduced spread of bacteria, many organisations have shown less sick days are taken in their businesses, while these features also suffer from less wear and tear than manual alternatives.

Of course, business owners have a duty to the health and welfare of their employees and visitors and should make every effort to deliver a safe environment to wash and freshen up. Anti-slip safety flooring is a must in this environment, which can come in the form of a vinyl flooring, or special, commercial grade non-slip floor tiles. Wall coverings such as Altro Whiterock also boast strong fire ratings, while ventilation ensures clean air flow in the washroom and mitigates the potential for damp, mould and mildew.

Reducing energy & water

You might be giving thought to reducing the energy being consumed in your washroom. In which case the switch to low energy LED lighting can bring instant savings. On a water usage front, sensor or non-concussive taps can be set to deliver water for a set period of time. This has been shown to significantly reduce the water usage over the course of a year, particularly when used in showers.

Meanwhile, waterless urinals are also bringing huge savings economically and financially. These urinals don’t require a mains water feed to be flushed and are kept fresh thanks to a clever cartridge that sits in the waste outlet.

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