Person opening a door into their hotel room.

When it comes to refurbishing hotel bathrooms, the devil’s in the detail…

The standard of hotel bathrooms has skyrocketed and now incorporates everything from bespoke fittings and mood lighting to sleek modern sanitaryware. While clean lines and broad strokes are what keep hotel bathrooms looking contemporary. It’s what’s under the bonnet that makes the difference between a bathroom that merely looks good, to one that performs exceptionally for both the user and the hotelier. Here we expand on some of the key pointers in hotel washroom design that are often overlooked.

Keep cleaning easy

You want to make it easier for guests to keep the bathroom clean and tidy while they’re staying with you, so it’s important to make sure you have a dedicated place for toiletries, but also waste. You might choose to conceal your waste bin within a vanity unit, installing a waste chute into the counter above it. This has the added benefit of meaning it won’t necessarily need emptying daily. Alternatively, you could opt for a standard waste bin with a flip lid.

One of the biggest problems in hotel bathrooms is escaped water from the shower. Not only does this leave more mess for the cleaning staff to deal with, but it also creates a mess and a slip hazard to guests. Another impact is that guests will use excess towels to mop up the spilt water on the bathroom floor. Combat this by installing a substantial shower enclosure, or when shower curtains are your only option, make sure they’re long enough to tuck inside the shower tray or bath.

Heated mirrors are often used in high end bathrooms, meaning they won’t steam up when someone is in the shower. As well as providing better usability for your users, it also means they don’t have to wipe the mirror down, which creates streaks that need buffing out by cleaning staff.

Easy clean functionality will make your hotel bathrooms much more efficient, trimming down the cleaning times per room significantly. 


It goes without saying that hotel washrooms need to be able to stand the test of time. Your biggest threat to their lifespan is escaped water, so it’s important to make sure you have hard working sealant at every join line. We also advise using materials like solid grade laminate, which is impervious to water so will never swell or weaken from ingress water. Solid surface materials are your friend here, as are options like sensor taps, which can last much longer than traditional taps as the user never needs to touch the unit.

Finishing touches

It’s the little flourishes that can really make a washroom sing. Whether that’s bespoke mirrors that hang above the wash basin or bath, or the carefully considered light fittings and soft glow bulbs, how you finish a washroom can make a huge impact.

At LAN Services we can offer a number of custom options, including bespoke anti-slip safety flooring designs. We can also employ large format decals and wraps, allowing you to have designs and images covering entire surfaces, such as the London skyline across a wipe down wall.

If you would like further advice on refurbishing hotel bathrooms, or to speak with someone about our full turn-key design and installation service, please get in touch today on 01202 650901