Door sign for a shower.

Here we look at some of the most important shower considerations in the commercial environment, starting with dimensions…

Whether you’re planning for new build showering facilities, or upgrading and refurbishing those that are existing, understanding standard dimensions allows you to make the most of your available space. However, designing shower areas doesn’t need to be complicated, providing you follow a few key rules. First, your users need ample thoroughfare – a clear space for people to access and leave the shower cubicles. You also need to think about drainage and decide whether single waste traps are better, or whether you should install a gulley system. Of course, you also need to consider ventilation, mains service runs and access, as well as temperature control and water storage. But if you’re looking for a quick and easy guide to help work out the number of potential shower cubicles you can fit in a space, then here’s the details:

The dimensions of a standard shower cubicle
A standard commercial shower cubicle is 2000mm x 1000mm giving users two square metres internally. However, this can be extended to accommodate a number of items including a dry section and changing bench.These dimensions do have a little wiggle room though. If you were having an outward opening door to your shower cubicle and no internal changing space, you could go as small as 800mm wide and 1000mm deep, for an inward opening door you would need to increase that depth to 1500mm.

Dimensions of a standard disabled shower cubicle
Disabled shower cubicles are designed with the wheelchair user in mind and the standard minimum dimension for this is 2000mm x 2200mm achieving just over four square metres internally. You will also want to consider a Doc-M Shower Pack so that you provide the essential grab rails and showering seat, ensuring safe usability of your disabled shower.

Open plan showering spaces
However, open plan shower spaces are still very popular, particularly in campsites, leisure centres and gyms. While this mitigates the need for privacy enclosures, the same rule of thumb needs to be applied when mapping out user space.

Are my water and waste services adequate?
When looking at a run of multiple shower cubicles, you’ll need to assess the mains water and waste services. Failure to do this could see water pressure drop during peak times and you could even suffer from running out of hot water if your storage isn’t sufficient. Overloading the waste outlet is also a common problem, meaning water will back up and flood the showering area which can affect the use and hygiene of your showering facilities.

Our shower services
With over 18 years of experience in the design, supply and installation of commercial grade shower rooms, LAN Services provide a turn-key service for a wide range of organisations. From hospitals and clinical settings to restaurants, hotels, campsites and schools, we have intimate knowledge of the needs, requirements and regulations in every sector. If you would like further advice on commercial shower enclosures and how best to tackle them, please get in touch with one of the team on 01202 650901