Ideal Dimensions of a Disabled Shower Room

Disabled shower room dimensions must be of such a size to comply with modern building regulations (Doc M of the UK building regulations).

The following article aims to explore disabled shower room dimensions and requirements further.

Put Simply, the recommended dimensions of a disabled shower and changing room are at least; 2200mm deep x 2000mm wide

The recommended dimensions of a disabled shower and changing room that also incorporates a corner WC are at least; 2500mm deep x 2400mm wide

Additional design considerations for a disabled shower and changing room include:

  • Doors – Preferably are outward opening, and fitted with a horizontal closing bar fixed to the inside face.
  • Seat – A wall-mounted tip-up seat should be supplied.
  • Emergency Assistance Alarm – Should be reachable from the wall-mounted tip-up seat or the floor.
  • Blue colour contrasting grab rails should be installed against white background walls for the visually impaired.
  • The correct number, size, and positioning of grab rails should be installed within the room.
  • A Shower Curtain – Should be installed that can be operated from the wall-mounted shower seat.
  • Shower Head – Should be installed with separate independent controls.

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