Washroom renovations are serious business. Updating your facilities isn’t something you do often, and if the time is approaching for routine refurbishment you might be wondering whether to bring in a specialist.

Ripping out an old washroom and making structural changes to space can sometimes be relatively straightforward. However, when it comes to the design, layout and routing of a washroom, it can be quite another story. Here we share some of the hidden benefits of using a specialist washroom contractor.

Navigating rules, regulations and red tape

When you use a contractor that dedicates their entire professional work to one area, you tap into very specific knowledge and expertise. This can serve you well and help save a lot of time working out regulations, recommended dimensions, and appropriate material selection. Specialist contractors are well versed in the current, up to date criteria and can help you navigate regulations and best practice in this constantly evolving commercial environment.

Avoiding costly mistakes

Washroom specialist can also advise you on the best way forward with your washroom and help you avoid costly mistakes. You’ll benefit from correct system installations and avoid common problems like poor water pressure when all showers are in use, and waste systems struggling to cope at peak periods.

Saving time and money

With the familiarity of products, installation techniques, and project management, you’ll usually find that a specialist contractor quicker. This can involve staggering the delivery of materials effectively, so your site doesn’t get clogged up, and managing noisy work around your business operations to bring minimal disruption during the process. Quite often, you’ll also be left with a much tighter finish too.

Unique experience

A contractor that focuses only on commercial washroom refurbishments is going to quickly encounter a myriad of problems. From dealing with unusual dimensions and listed properties to collapsed waste pipes, poor extraction, and difficult substrates, the experience you draw from when using a specialist contractor can mean overcoming hurdles smoothly and avoiding unnecessary workarounds.

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