Getting Washrooms Right Frist Time

Washroom layouts have come a long way in recent years. Do you know how to configure yours effectively?

The design and layout of a commercial wash space need to be considered carefully. It’s no longer a case of just lining up some toilet cubicles and adding some sinks. Below we’ll look at some of the key points of focus when configuring new washrooms.

The order of flow

It’s important to consider the journey of a user in your washroom. At peak periods, when washrooms are busy, can users pass each other as they move through their journey? Do they have enough privacy? Are other users blocking their way?

It’s critical to address these issues, as it can be the difference between a long waiting line for your facilities, and a fast-moving order of flow.

Easy clean design

When designing a new wash space, it’s also a good idea to factor in maintenance and ease of cleaning. When easy clean functionality is built into the design, it can cut down cleaning times, which over the course of a week can save money and improve the productivity of your cleaning staff, but it can also prolong the life of your washroom.

Maintenance and durability

Naturally, you want your washroom to stand the test of time. A lasting washroom requires materials and fittings that are durable and ready to withstand daily use by staff, guests, students, or visitors. By employing things like duct systems, you can conceal all exposed pipework and cisterns, meaning they’re hidden away from accidental knocks and damage. You can also conceal waste bins and hand wash services within bespoke vanity units, which keeps pipework protected, but also reduces exposed surface areas in your washroom – making it easier to clean and sanitise.

Usability and healthier washrooms

Not only has there been a strong move to improve usability in commercial washrooms, but many items that facilitate this can also drastically improve hygiene. Sensor activation is perhaps one of the greatest strides here. From infrared activated lights to sensor flushers and taps, this removes the need for users to physically touch items in the washroom, reducing the spread of bacteria significantly.

Energy savings

Operating a greener business is important these days and your washroom can play a vital role in that. From waterless urinals and low volume cisterns to the aforementioned sensor taps, you can still deliver the same functionality of your washroom, but with a huge economic saving on the water – which equals financial savings in operation costs too. You can also install energy efficient hand dryers that use less electricity, but actually dry hands faster than conventional hand dryers.

Washrooms people want to use

Creating an energy efficient, easy to the clean washroom that has a good order of flow is all well and good, but we need it to look great too. No one wants a cold, soulless washroom, today forward-thinking organisations and businesses are building washrooms people actually want to visit. This requires careful material and sanitary ware selection, as well as attention to detail like flooring, ventilation, and lighting. It’s simply not true these days that you need to compromise your aesthetics to achieve high durability in the commercial wash space.

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